Weaves: An Interdisciplinary Project



Hosted by The Art Site of Railway Warehouse Hsinchu City, the weaving project depended on the collision and collusion among four artists from different fields invited to work for five days, and presenting the results on the fifth and final day.

Trace: Yoga with a Yogi


220x360 cm, charcoal powder on paper, 2019

共同創作者 / 瑜伽士:鄭雅之​



Doing yoga on paper with a yogi, I shared the tricks of using toner on paper while the yogi guided me to perform yoga on paper, leaving our traces across the paper.

Trace: Dance with Whirls


138x288 cm, ink on canvas, 2018



Extending the concept of Whirls , a series of works on paper, the performer rotated their own body with the music ceaselessly and gradually spiraling from the edge of the canvas inward until they touched the colorants, and leaving traces of their dance on the canvas in the end.

Trace: Jam


150x450 cm, relief print, 2018



An attempt was made to record the Arts Festival held at the Art Site of Railway Warehouse Hsinchu City on Nov. 11, 2018 using printmaking techniques. The final print recorded music, dance, and an individual on-site line-drawing performance with music. A total of three colors in three sets were printed.

Trace: Breath with Lines


263x150 cm, mixed media, 2018




Sitting on a large piece of paper, the artist drew lines on the paper one line at a time for each breath taken until the paper was completely covered. Sitting underneath the paper was a black plastic sheet coated with wax ink that recorded the trajectory of the body movements when lines were drawn.