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Feel the wind while action, seeing forest in stillness, 36x46cm, ball-point pen & paper, 2020

動中遇風靜中見林, 36x46 公分, 原子筆、紙, 2020


The Cool Moonlight I, 41x56 cm, ball-point pen & paper, 2020

清涼月光 I,41x56 公分, 原子筆 紙, 2020


The Cool Moonlight II, 57x77 cm, ball-point pen & paper, 2020

清涼月光 II,57x77 公分, 原子筆 紙, 2020


Thank You for Always Being There, 26x36cm, ball-point pen & paper, 2020

謝謝你都在, 26x36公分, 原子筆 紙, 2020


Shimmer in Darkness, 26x28cm, ball-point pen & paper, 2020

幽光閃閃,26x28公分, 原子筆 紙, 2020


The Glint of Latent Light, 35.5x35.5cm, ball-point pen & paper, 2019-20

暗夜微光,35.5x35.5公分, 原子筆 紙, 2019-20

范思琪,夢中的袈裟II,原子筆紙,23.5 x19 公分,2020.jpg

A Dream of Cassock II, 23.5x19cm,ball-point pen & paper, 2020

夢中的袈裟II, 23.5x19公分, 原子筆、紙, 2020


A Dream of Cassock III, 19x19cm,ball-point pen & paper, 2020

夢中的袈裟III, 19x19公分, 原子筆、紙, 2020

范思琪,夢中的袈裟I,原子筆紙,57 x17 公分,2020.jpg

A Dream of Cassock I, 57x17cm,ball-point pen & paper, 2020

夢中的袈裟I, 57x17公分, 原子筆、紙, 2020

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