Try to be a circle

 53.5x45 cm, 21X29.7 cm

 凹版、數位輸出 Intaglio, Digital Print



Filing a square copper plate into a round shape within 9,697 minutes, and the shape of the round plate was rubbed and recorded via topography. 9,697 kilometers also happened to be the distance between Taiwan to Belgium, and this entire act was regarded as a virtual news report. This artist attempted to transform the steps of making intaglio into another meaningful activity.

Emboss Process






A copper plate was submerged into corrosive liquid and its transformation process was recorded. Then, the possibilities of modern printmaking were explored.

Collaborate with a Printer

 6'13'', Video, 2014


這是一個與影印機合作印版畫的實驗計畫。整個過程如遊戲競賽在進行,Printer V.S Printmaker,當影印機印出一張拳頭印影像,隨後Printmaker則在同一張紙上,蓋上自己的拳頭印,共100張,以此來談論人工印版與機器印刷的差異性。

This was an experiment of printing in collaboration with a photocopying machine. The entire process was like a fun competition. As soon as the machine printed an image of a fist, the printmaker stamped her own fist on the same paper. A total of 100 prints were made as an opening to a discussion on the difference between manual printing vs. printing by a machine.

One day, One print

 1張39X57.5 公分,共103張

 Each 39X57.5cm, total 103 pieces

 凹版 Intaglio


每天拿同一張銅板,做磨板、挫板、擦板、印板動作(凹版的製作步驟),把它當作是日常刷牙洗臉般的例行公事, 一段時間後, 那會顯現什麼?


A copper plate was repeatedly etched, engraved, rubbed, and printed (basic steps of intaglio printmaking) every day – as routine as getting up and brushing teeth. What will those present in the end?

Print 24 hours



A register form and 98 prints, each 21×29.7 cm

凹版畫、紙 Intaglio, paper




If I print a plate continually in 24 hours without rest, what will it present? 

7 Days   7天

 53.5x45 cm





A copper plate was repeatedly etched, engraved, rubbed, and printed ( steps of intaglio printmaking)  for a week.